Not quite sure what this is going to be yet, but there will be pictures from programming, lighting pictures, just anything I find important enough to share.

13th November 2012


Life in the Shadows

Recently, while feeling lost in life as I have, I had a conviction that I wanted to be remembered for something. I now realize, fuck that. I have never wanted to be known, I have never wanted to be praised for what I do. I have always enjoyed the most doing the work no one ever realizes is there, the supporting roles, the behind-the-scenes. And you know what, I don’t even want to be known for that. If I ever work on a big project that has credits, I am going to leave myself out of them. I don’t want recognition, I just want to feel part of things. Even during theater, I didn’t do lights because I wanted the recognition, hell they could’ve forgotten to acknowledge me everywhere, and I wouldn’t have cared, because I always reveled in the finished product for itself, seeing what came together from everyone’s efforts. So if I ever read this again in the future, stay out of the spotlights, live in the shadows. There is more work there than can ever be done, and it is more important than anything done in the lights.

31st October 2012


Indie Game, the Movie

So I just finished watching Indie Game: The Movie, and I realized, all of the ideas I have had so far, are way out of reach, way too big in scale and scope. I need to slow down for a bit. What do I really want to do? Tell stories? Ok, what stories? and how? I am going to sleep on this for a long time.

30th October 2012


Dante’s Inferno

So one of the first things that came to mind, at least when thinking of ideas for games in the future a long ways down the road, was the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Now this is more commonly known(mistakenly) as Dante’s Inferno, mainly because the only part of the Divine Comedy that most people read or know about is the first part, or Inferno. Unfortunately, EA staked their claim on a close to literal translation of the book into a game, aaaaaaand it was an utter piece of crap. This really saddens me to think about, because the way I see it, any game in the future even closely resembling Dante’s Inferno (the game by EA) is going to be shut down due to copyright laws, even if the newer game is better than Dante’s Inferno (an easy feat but still). So I pulled out my whiteboard and started brainstorming. First off, I couldn’t do anything based in hell, or use the 9 rings of hell, at least directly, so I started thinking of how I could represent Hell metaphorically. The 9 rings of hell, in short, are, in order, Limbo(virtuous pagans), Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery, with Satan trapped in ice in the very center. And my brain jumped to a Cartel, gang, mafia etc., some shady group that makes their living off of vices. Obviously, at least to me, Satan would be represented by the Godfather, leader, etc., and each ring would have the heads/subbosses. Now I didn’t want to start in Hell, mainly because games that use In Media Res are way more interesting, e.g. Halo, Bioshock, etc, but I didn’t want to make Dante (the main character) have amnesia, so I was thinking of starting in Purgatorio (part 2 of the Divine Comedy) and have flashbacks in the forms of Nightmares. Now Virgil in the book is Dante’s guide through Hell and through purgatory, so I was thinking of having Virgil save Dante in Hell from himself. He is a lost and wandering soul in the book, getting pulled closer to vice, only to be led on the right path by Virgil. It made sense then to metaphorically represent that path by making Dante an addict or something similar, with Virgil being the one who pulls him out of this. I truly though have no clue how to represent Paradise or purgatory though, but I did come up with a general concept for each of them, with Inferno being filled with the Lost, Purgatorio filled with the Forgotten, and Paradise being filled with the “Privileged.” I don’t even know what form I want this game to take yet, where it would be located(Space, earth, the past) or even how to make the story seem straightforward. This was just what I have ideas of so far, and if you have read all of this, thank you, if not but thank you anyways as well. I got a little longwinded here.

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30th October 2012


Game developer

So recently, I saw a presentation at my college from an alumni who now works developing tools for game developers, mainly GameSalad, which was a really cool tool in-and-of-itself, but he pointed out a series for budding game developers called Extra Credits on Penny-Arcade TV. Now, I know I am in a major that most people go into with making video games in mind. I wasn’t one of those people, I mean it interested me, but it wasn’t what I thought I wanted to do. I figured, “Hey, might as well watch this series, since I love video games, and it would be cool to hear the perspectives of game developers on different things.” As I watching this series, I slowly started warming up to possibly going into the video game industry. Kinda weird to me, since I abhorred the idea of going into video games, since that is the cliché for computer geeks and gamers like me. But I realized, I am probably more suited to it than I thought. I am a well versed geek in literature, mythology, psychology, and lots of random facts, ideas, and philosophies, as well as a general idea in things like music and design. So now I decided to try to catalogue my ideas I come up with on this blog, just to see if I can make sense of them. Fair warning though, they are sporadic and chaotic at best.

16th March 2012

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A Programmer’s Day


1. Wake up with an idea. Mull over it during breakfast brunch.

2. By 1 P.M., you’ve decided it’ll be a great way to get into that new language you’ve been wanting to try.

3. Hack out a few basic components. Get excited when they work beautifully.

5. Time for actual lunch. Come up with an extension to your idea that’s even more exciting than the original idea.

6. Get started on the extension, which spawns three more amazing ideas.

7. It’s 2 P.M., and the extension has become its own project.

8. It’s 4 P.M. and the components you hacked out before won’t play nice together. Ask Stack Overflow.

9. Incorrectly copy/paste your code into SO such that you’re missing a brace and the community thinks that’s your problem. It’s 6 o’clock. Tumblr break.

10. Read all the articles linked from the #programming tags. Read the articles they link to.

11. It’s 8:30 P.M., and you’ve got 11 tabs open. Not including Reddit and Tumblr.

12. Finish arguing over IRC about how Scala is the next big thing and oh maybe I should get back to that project.

13. 10 P.M., dinner ramen should be sufficient.

14. Open up vim and get back to that project.

15. *multiple “what the fuck” moments while reacquainting yourself with your 4-hour-old code*

16. “This is idea isn’t really that great anyway. I’m sure tons of people have tried and failed.”

17. Read xkcd/Cracked articles/TV Tropes.

18. “I’ll just get back to that project in the morning.”

19. It’s 3 A.M. and maybe sleep or something I guess but ycombinator and

20. goto 1

14th March 2012


NCAA March Madness bracket, based off of predictions vs crowd favorites. If anyone wants to know

NCAA March Madness bracket, based off of predictions vs crowd favorites. If anyone wants to know

14th March 2012


Pi Day!

To all you nerds out there, Happy Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday! My second favorite nerd holiday!

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13th March 2012


7am Final….

I don’t intend to use this to complain too much except for coding..but I feel a 7 am final is something to complain once about…..UGH 7 am final….why do you do this to me???? why cant it just be at its normal time T_T ok complaining done, time to go get a 5 hour energy

12th March 2012

Video with 2 notes

This video honestly made me think in many different ways about programming. I am not by any means a true programmer yet. I am getting there. But what he is talking would revolutionize how to program. This could let people like me who need that visualization of whats going on (with games, I am actually ok with the “computer brain” stuff) to fine tune everything. And just off of this video, I almost want to make a program to do this.

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12th March 2012


Going to start using this tumblr finally, though nobody cares, yet! :D This is something I had to do for a CS class, going to (maybe) figure out how to make it better just for fun.

Going to start using this tumblr finally, though nobody cares, yet! :D This is something I had to do for a CS class, going to (maybe) figure out how to make it better just for fun.

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